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RFP # 201810207 Answers to Submitted Questions

Questions must be submitted by email to with the subject line: “AmeriCorps State Competitive RFP # 201810207”.

The deadline for written questions is November 16, 2018.

Submitted questions/answers:

 RCVD 11/1/2018

On page 10, Section IV, Section B Other Proposal Types

The RFP states, “The Commission is supportive of programs outside the priority areas including Capacity Building and has stated 20% of funding can be targeted to non-priority areas.”

Is the 20% referencing 20% of the grant amount received by the grantee? Or is the 20% referring to the overall budget of funds the Commission has to award and if so what is that total (so we can calculate the 20%)? 

Depending on the answer our organization may be disqualified as we were hopeful to apply for all Capacity Building as a focus area.  We would appreciate your response to this as well.

A: The total allocation to Maine for AmeriCorps Formula grant awards in 2018 was $668,000. The Commission policy would permit awarding $133,600 to support a proposal that is outside its current priorities. The awards made in June 2018 did not include any proposals outside its priorities. It should be noted the Commission has the ability to waive its guideline if a proposal is strong.