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RFP # 202002032 Answers to Submitted Questions

Questions must be submitted by email to with the subject line: “Maine Rural State AmeriCorps RFP #202002032”.

The deadline for written questions is April 6, 2020.

Submitted questions/answers:


1 When would AmeriCorps members show up?  
AmeriCorps members show up at the point where you have recruited and selected them. We don’t send them out. Part of the process is recruiting them locally or out of state. Grants typically start between August 15 and September 1 so members begin service near those dates.

2 Can we be using an evidence‐based model with community‐proposed modifications to suit a remote, underserved, rural community?  
Yes. The evidence-based model should be described and then the specific changes and why they are necessary need to be clearly described.   

3 Can we use our current board as the advisory board?  
It is possible to use an existing agency board if it has representation of the community members served, routinely discusses the program, and is able to give feedback on implementation.   

4 If local volunteers ‐ living at home ‐‐ do they get a living allowance?  
AmeriCorps members who are serving full-time (40 hours/week) do receive a living allowance regardless of their living arrangement. They can be living with family or independently or in a dorm or in program supported housing.   

5 If AmeriCorps members are local do they get a living allowance?  
AmeriCorps members recruited from the local community do get a living allowance if they are serving full-time.

6 If I as a retiree volunteer my time/skills, is that considered in‐kind or as an agency expense?  
Cash expenses would be those that show up as payments in an agency financial system. An agency who engages skilled volunteers to help with an AmeriCorps program would show the skilled volunteers as in-kind (pro bono) in their system. The time would be documented and given a value based on either the generic value of volunteer time or the specific role the person fulfilled. If a specific role, agencies typically use the average wage for the position as listed by the Dept of Labor. (  

7 As a volunteer providing pro bono time to the project, do I fulfill the "1 employee devoted to AmeriCorp” demand?  
Possibly. The organization would have to argue very strongly with evidence that this arrangement can be sustained over the grant. So far, it has proven to be impossible.  

8 Is the Living Allowance in addition to the $15K+ stipend? 
The terms “living allowance” and “stipend” are used interchangeably in this presentation. They are the same thing.   

9 I do have a few questions ‐‐ can these be answered here? 
You can submit questions now or later. Questions submitted after the Bidders Conference must be emailed by April 6 to and have the RFP referenced in the subject.   

10 Will I get the slides?  
The slides will be posted on the Commission grant page under this RFP:

11  This bidders conference has been recorded, where will the recording be?  
The 2.25 hour presentation can be found at