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The Commission launched in 2002 as part of its responsibility to build capacity and sustainability in Maine's volunteer sector. At times, has been supported by as many as 14 partners who contribute content or administer the online recruitment tool. 

volunteer maine homepage snap is a virtual one-stop resource for two audiences:

  • Maine citizens searching for opportunities to volunteer; and
  • Leaders/coordinators/managers of volunteer programs.

The site is segmented to match the likely interests of each audience. For citizens looking to volunteer, there is a section powered by an online volunteer matching platform. Through this tool, citizens can search by zip code or interest or duration of project for a volunteer opportunity.

The section for leaders of volunteer programs includes:

  • a tool to post volunteer opportunities, track hours served, make reports;
  • resources for program management
    - publications addressing key issues;
    - Competencies for Managers of Volunteers;
    - opportunities to recognize volunteers through the Governor's Service Awards and Presidential Service Awards
  • connections to training and technical assistance:
    - contacts for the regional peer networks of volunteer program staff;
    - annual Blaine House Conference on Service and Volunteerism;
    - online course options hosted by the Commission and others; and
    - information about the MCCS Professional Development Fund.
  • state specific research and information on civic health, volunteerism, and trends