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Game Loft AmeriCorps Program*

Serving the Waldo County towns of Brooks, Freedom, Jackson, Knox, Liberty, Monroe, Montville, Thorndike, Troy, Unity, and Waldo.

Primary Contact: Ray Estabrook  
Maine Youth Alliance 
78A Main St, Belfast, ME 04915–6825  
phone: (207) 338-6447

The Game Loft is a Maine Rural State program hosting two AmeriCorps members providing mentoring to RSU #3 students, age 12-15, in Waldo County, using the I Know ME curriculum.

Each year the AmeriCorps members are responsible for preparing 36 at risk students for success in the classroom, within their peer groups and beyond the school walls. Additionally, the AmeriCorps members engage local volunteers in developing new mentoring relationships with the students and develop the host agency’s capacity to better manage volunteers.