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<strong>REALIZE! Maine Summit Convenes</strong>

June 19th, 2007

?Gathered here are hundreds of potential solutions to unlocking the door to Maine's next renewal,? stated Governor Baldacci. ?Those solutions are represented by each of you here and joining through the Internet.?

Governor Baldacci provided his vision for growing opportunity in the State for all citizens, especially young adults. Many of his education, health care and economic development strategies are already moving Maine forward, and he stressed that engaging young people through REALIZE! Maine will lead to further innovation.

?Beginning anew with your efforts here today we will focus on solutions and on building opportunities,? said the Governor. ?The best is yet to come! For all the steps we've taken in the right direction, we're here today to lengthen our stride.

Today, together we can turn on the economic and cultural engine that is each individual and power Maine to its next plateau.

We're here today to roll up our sleeves, work hard, be creative and have fun. Today we can add value to a quality of life that is second to none and our most important natural resource - the people of Maine.?

The Governor raised his concerns about the changes in Maine's demographics in his inaugural address, and pledged his commitment to pull together Maine's young adults to learn more about the conditions leading to migration of this population. REALIZE! Maine is a direct result of his pledge to understanding the challenges of migration, realizing opportunities before us and creating sustainable solutions to out-migration.

Recommendations from workshop discussions will be posted to the bulletin board. The website will remain active following the summit, enabling interested individuals to comment and add to discussions.