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AmeriCorps Longitudinal Study Released

May 19th, 2008

Tuesday May 13, 2008- The Corporation for National and Community Service released the AmeriCorps Longitudinal Study findings at a policy forum co-sponsored by the Brookings Institution. The study examines the long-term impacts that one year of service in AmeriCorps has on members who served in either the AmeriCorps State and National or the AmeriCorps NCCC program between 1999 and 2000. The study followed members for eight years to measure how several factors, including the members’ level of volunteering, educational attainment, voting and other behaviors and attitudes, have changed over time.

The results of this study suggest the AmeriCorps program has had a profound impact on our communities and that the effects will continue to be felt far into the future. AmeriCorps not only provides individuals immediate opportunities to serve, but AmeriCorps service also encourages individuals to be catalyst for positive change after their service is complete. In other words, AmeriCorps helps to create a culture of service across the nation that outlasts an individuals AmeriCorps term. Members are well prepared through service for the challenges faced by our world today. They are armed with leadership skills and a can do attitude acquired through the AmeriCorps experience. Through AmeriCorps, these future leaders, become stronger citizens and in turn build stronger communities. The study revealed several exciting and significant key findings:

AmeriCorps is a pipeline to careers in public service:

- 60% of alumni work in non-profits and government

- 46 % in work in the public service arena, in areas like, education, social work, and public safety

Service generates civic leaders:

-NCCC alumni are more likely to volunteer in their communities as a result of their service (64% compared to 51% of the comparison group)

Members are more satisfied with their lives:

-94% of NCCC and 86% of State and National alumni, for example, are satisfied with their careers

AmeriCorps exposes members to new career opportunities:

- About 80 %t of members reported their service exposed them to new career options

The Maine Commission for Community Service, created to foster volunteerism and community service to meet human and environmental needs in the state, has been the funder for AmeriCorps programs for 15 years. It administers over $1 million in grant funds for AmeriCorps programs statewide. The commission also provides training and technical assistance to state national service programs including AmeriCorps programs. The Commissions role is vital to the success of Maine’s AmeriCorps programs. To read the full report please visit, The Corporation for National and Community Service.