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A Call for Summer of Service Sites

November 5th, 2009

The Corporation for National and Community Service has released a funding notice for its 2010 Learn and Serve America “Summer of Service” grants competition, implementing a new program authorized under the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act. The new grant funding will support innovative summer-time service-learning programs for students grades 6 through 9.

This is an invitation to Summer Youth Programs that meet the criteria outlined in the funding notice to be considered as a site in the Maine application we expect to develop and submit to the federal competition by December 10, 2009.

To determine whether your program could be included in the Maine grant, visit for more information and to submit your request to be included by 5 pm on November 18, 2009.

“These grants are geared to funding programs that will ignite the spark of civic engagement in students at a critical point in their lives,” said Nicola Goren, acting CEO of the Corporation. “Getting involved in service at a young age will start students on a path toward life-long service while at the same time, they address pressing needs in their own communities.”

The Maine Commission for Community Service will submit an application on behalf of  Maine along with its partners, Maine

21st Century Community Learning Centers, The Afterschool Network, KIDS Consortium, and the University of Maine Cooperative Extension.

The Maine Commission for Community Service builds capacity and sustainability in Maine\'s volunteer sector by funding service programs, developing volunteer managers, raising awareness, and encouraging an ethic of service. To learn more about the Maine Commission for Community Service visit our web-site at