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Public Comment Invited on Proposed Strategic Plan Through June 12.

June 3rd, 2010

The Maine Commission for Community Service (MCCS) invites comment from managers of volunteers, community organizations, municipalities, National Service programs and participants, as well as the general public on the proposed objectives and strategies for the 2010 through 2013 proposed strategic plan. To download the proposed plan and connect with the online forum for making comments, visit .

“Enhancing the Capacity of Maine's Volunteer Sector,” is the new draft strategic service plan of the Maine Commission for Community Service. A key influence on this plan was the 2009 passage of the Serve America Act which proposes a number of new programs that would lead to significantly increased grant-making by MCCS. A second factor has been the transfer of responsibility for K-12 school-based service-learning from the Maine Department of Education to MCCS (effective July 1, 2010). Yet, the greatest influence on the plan has been the information and input from Maine's volunteer sector. Between January 2010 and now, the Commission has used the 167 responses to Maine's Volunteer Sector Survey and the input from the 113 attendees at six regional meetings to shape the plan. 

As required by both federal and state law, the Commission develops this plan to cover three year periods. Its purpose is to focus on issues facing the volunteer sector in Maine-- the conditions that challenge it; the opportunities that could enhance it; and the problems that might be solved by volunteer service.

The Maine Commission for Community Service builds capacity and sustainability in Maine's volunteer sector by funding service programs, developing managers of volunteers, raising awareness of the scope and impact of the sector, and encouraging an ethic of service. To learn more about the Maine Commission for Community Service visit our web-site at