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Funding for Regional Volunteer Centers

November 17th, 2010

AUGUSTA– Organizations or partnerships interested in developing regional volunteer centers in Maine are invited to submit proposals to the Maine Commission for Community Service (MCCS). The funding is available through the Volunteer Generation Fund which was authorized in the Kennedy Serve America Act. Successful applicants will develop or establish volunteer centers where none exist and/or work to strengthen operations of existing volunteer centers.

Volunteer centers are one-stop locations for;

  • individuals as well as groups or businesses seeking to connect with volunteer programs,
  • nonprofit as well as public organizations and staff of community volunteer programs, and
  • community leaders seeking to identify appropriate volunteer roles in local responses to needs or issues.

In summary, volunteer centers are a comprehensive resource for all community sectors engaged in responding to local issues and needs.

The RFP deadline is December 16, 2010. For a full description of visit our grants section at  Eligible applicants include Maine-based regional nonprofits, educational institutions, government agencies, and foundations may submit applications. Applications from partnerships or coalitions whose members represent local organizations working together on volunteer center development are encouraged.

The Maine Commission for Community Service builds capacity and sustainability in Maine's volunteer sector by funding service programs, developing volunteer managers, raising awareness, and encouraging an ethic of service. To learn more about the Maine Commission for Community Service visit our web-site at