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Search Underway for 2012 Champion of Service

August 29th, 2012

champion of service logoAUGUSTA - The Maine Commission for Community Service is calling for nominations for its 2012 Champion of Service award. The honor will be presented October 9 at the annual statewide volunteerism conference in Orono.

The Champion of Service award recognizes an individual who has served in the public sector (local, county, regional, or state). The recipient is someone who has consistently advocated for citizen involvement in addressing community issues and shown an understanding of what support citizen volunteers need to be effective. The person has demonstrated an understanding (intuitively or explicitly) that thriving towns and cities are places where residents actively serve to make a difference in civic life and foster the local quality of life.

Nominees need to be Maine residents. In addition, the criteria state the nominee should be 

  • an outstanding individual who has served or is serving in the public sector at the local, county, regional, or state level as a volunteer, elected official, employee, or appointed board/committee member;
  • someone who has a track record of advocating for volunteer/citizen engagement/participation in addressing local problems/issues;
  • an individual who has personally served pro bono or volunteered in local or regional or statewide public sector efforts and MAY have personally served pro bono or volunteered with a nonprofit program addressing a community problem;
  • someone who has demonstrated an understanding of the support and resources volunteers need to be effective; and
  • a person who is recognized in the community as a formal or informal leader who is able to get things done.

All nominations must be submitted through the online form by Monday, September 24, at Noon.

For more information and nomination details, visit

FMI: Maryalice Crofton, 207.624.7781