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Micro-AmeriCorps grant offers help to small towns, small organizations

March 30th, 2017

americorps logo and rural landscape
AUGUSTA - AmeriCorps State provides public and nonprofit organizations with a team of AmeriCorps members who help meet a critical need at the community level. The members provide the additional direct service human resource that agencies and schools often need to improve or change a local situation. The funds support the members during their term of service.

Until recently, AmeriCorps programs were required to have at least 20 members - a team that is often way beyond the capacity of rural towns, nonprofits, and schools.

Enter the Maine Rural AmeriCorps Grant designed by the Maine Commission for Community Service to be the "right size" for our communities. What is different? 

 Agencies can propose to have 2-5 AmeriCorps members for 2 years. Successful grantees keep their funds and in-kind to use as match - there are no per-head cost-share fees. And, there is intense technical assistance and training during the two years so the AmeriCorps grantee builds its capacity and sustainability.

Did you miss the webinar "Introduction to Maine Rural AmeriCorps" ??

Here is the presentation: LINK

There will be a grant competition in late spring 2017 but, right now, you can learn more about this "right size" program model and consider what benefits it might have for you.