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November 2017


Friday, November 17, 2017   
Conference Room, Klahr Holocaust and Human Rights Center, Univ. of Maine Augusta, 46 University Drive, Augusta, ME 04330
All business meetings are open to the public. The closest parking is the lot in front of the Randall Student Center. This link goes to a map of the campus layout.

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10:00 Public Comment Period Portela
10:10 Call to Order Portela

Welcome, Announcements, Agenda Adjustments
1. Introductions
2. Announcements and Appreciations
     a. Thomas Pulkkinen, Grand Master, Masons of Maine
     b. Appreciations to retiring Commissioners
3. Quiz Answer
4. Additions or Deletions to Agenda

Focus on Mission/Responsibilities


A. Briefing about "Initiative to Revive Civility and Respect"

M Hews

Business Reports
(Reports submitted are posted.)
10:40 A. Minutes
1. June meeting
2. September meeting
10:45 B. Executive Committee
1. Appointments of task force chairs
2. Review of support funding
3. Strategic Plan Team update
4. Recommendations to Governor for appointments
5. Clarification of October & November meeting notes if requested
10:55 C. Excellence and Expertise
1. Respond to clarification requests related to Oct. reports
 11:00 D. ASC update
1. Public policy update
11:05 E. Public Information and Education/ Public Policy
1.  Report on Nov. 13 meeting
2. Request to Commissioners - scheduling opportunities for John to speak
 11:10 F. Grant Selection and Performance Task Force
1. October and November meeting notes posted. Clarifications as requested.
 11:15 G. CNCS Regional Office update Hite
11:20 G. MCCS Staff
1.Program development plans for AmeriCorps targeting child abuse and youth transitioning out of foster care.
2. Staff changes and plans
3. State conference results

Planning and Future Initiatives
11:30 A. Renew authorizaton for Exec Committee to act on behalf of board if needed between meetings
B. Strategic Plan Team meetings and update
C. Maine Volunteer Foundation
D. Other
Portela, et al
11:40 A. Proposed schedule for Task Force briefings Jan-April 2018 Portela
Business Wrap Up
11:45 A. Adjourn to Task Force Work Sessions (if any)
1. Reminder: Complete meeting evaluation forms
2. Next business meeting is January 12, 2018- Conference Room, Klahr Center, University of Maine, Augusta