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November 2017

For Commissioners!

More than a contest, this is part of the "in-service education" for Commission board members.

Commission Members should: email their response before 5 pm Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017!

Send your answers to All correct answers will be well rewarded at the meeting.

This Month's Challenge

As you know, civic health is an essential measure of a community's health and viability. The indicators track specific aspects of how residents connect with each other, interact, make decisions, and foster activity (economic, social, etc.). Of course, one of the aspects monitored is volunteering.

In October 2017, the National Conference on Citizenship -- a 64 year old organization chartered by Congress to foster citizenship -- issued its latest report, "Civic Deserts." It is a sobering and thought provoking read.

Questions for the prize:
1. What is a "civic desert"?
2. What is the trend (direction) of the percent of Americans who believe others can be trusted?

Bonus: what value does service have in expanding trust among community residents?

Reference hint: The report is HERE.