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January 2018

Commissioner Quiz

More than a contest, this is part of the "in-service education" for Commission board members.

Commission Members should: email their response before 5 pm Thursday, January 11, 2018!

Send your answers to All correct answers will be well rewarded at the meeting.

This Month's Challenge

Since 2004, foundations and trainers and state commissions have regularly turned to the UPS Foundation Guide for investing in volunteer programs. It was their research that codified the 22 essential practices for volunteer program operations. Leighty Foundation instigated an update of the guide in 2017 and pulled together a workgroup comprised of American and international leaders in volunteer engagement. The new guide was issued late 2017.

QUESTION:  From the list of recommended actions funders can take, name 4 things the Commission already does and 4 things that we could do within the mission and current resources.

Reference Hint: The Funder's Guide to Volunteer Investment