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June 2018


Friday, June 15, 2018 
Conference Room, Klahr Holocaust and Human Rights Center, Univ. of Maine Augusta, 46 University Drive, Augusta, ME 04330

All business meetings are open to the public. The closest parking is the lot in front of the Randall Student Center. This link goes to a map of the campus layout.

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10:00 Public Comment Period Portela
10:10 Call to Order Portela
10:12 Welcome, Announcements, Agenda Adjustments
1. Introductions
2. Quiz Answer
3. Announcements and Appreciations
4. Additions or Deletions to Agenda
Planning and Future Initiatives
10:25 A. Final Action on new Strategic Plan and Identity Statement
1. Public comment received and recommendations (Wihry)
2. Present Identity Statement for adoption (Portela)
3. Present Strategic Plan for adoption (Rancourt)
Rancourt, Portela & Wihry
  B. Release of CNCS Transformation and Sustainability Plan
1. Implications for State Commissions and input session this summer
Business Reports
(Reports submitted are posted.)
10:45 A. Minutes
1. March meeting
2. April meeting
10:50 B. Executive Committee
1. Respond to questions about May or June meeting notes  
2. Consideration of updated motion authorizing action by Executive Committee (tabled motion; updated wording in May Executive meeting notes)
3. Discussion of officer election process
4. Other
11:00 C. Grant Selection and Performance 
1. Act on recommendations for awarding AmeriCorps Formula funds. Reports on all proposals are under "Reports" tab of HQ.
-- New Rural State
-- Continuation of AmeriCorps Standard grant
-- New AmeriCorps Standard proposals
11:20 D. Excellence and Expertise
1. Meeting notes posted.
11:25 H. Public Information and Education/ Public Policy
1. No report. 
11:30 I. CNCS Update Hite
11:40 J. MCCS Staff
1. Office events 
2. Report on June 4-7 state commission disaster service convening
3. Other
MCCS staff
Focus on Mission/Responsibilities
11:50 A. Commission Retreat - Save the dates Portela
Business Wrap Up
12:00 pm A. Adjourn to task force meetings
1. Reminder: Complete meeting evaluation forms
2. Next meeting (September 20-21) at Klahr Center, University of Maine Augusta