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January 2019


Friday, January 18, 2019  

Maine Govt East Campus, 19 Elkins Lane Rm 110, Augusta, ME 04333
All business meetings are open to the public. The parking lot faces the Eastside Wellness Center and Harlow Building. Use Arsenal Street to enter the campus.

This link shows the location of the building on the campus.

Map for Driving Directions


10:00 Public Comment Period Branham
10:15 Call to Order Branham
10:17 Welcome, Announcements, Agenda Adjustments
1. Introductions
2. Quiz Answer
3. Announcements and Appreciations
     a. Day of Service retrospect
     b. Senator Collins congratulations on award
4. Additions or Deletions to Agenda
Focus on Mission Responsibilities
10:20 A. Briefing on Commission Budget and Funding Sources
B. Other
Business Reports
(Reports submitted are posted.)
11:10 A. Minutes
1. October meeting. Minutes posted for review.
11:15 B. Executive Committee
1. Respond to questions about meeting notes  
2. Confirm Executive Committee action on 2019 Support Grant budget (see November special meeting minutes)
3. Other
11:25 C. Grant Selection and Performance 
1. Action on AmeriCorps Competitive Continuation proposals
2. Action on new Maine Rural AmeriCorps proposals
3. Action on new AmeriCorps Competitive proposal
4. Other
11:40 D. Excellence and Expertise
1. No report.
11:41 E. National Public Policy Committees of states
1. States for Service
2. America's Service Commissions
11:42 H. Public Information and Education/Public Policy
1. Meeting notes posted. Respond to questions, clarification requests.
11:50 I. Financial Oversight
1. Proposed mission for task force.
12:00 J. CNCS Update Hite
12:05 K. MCCS Staff
1. Commission staff vacancies
2. Maine Volunteer Foundation  
3. OIG audit report
4. MCCS role in state disaster response
5. Commissioner roles in events this quarter
6. Other
MCCS staff
Planning and Future Initiatives
12:15 A. Maine Service Fellows
1. Development to date and Commissioner feedback (see Service Fellows Task Force minutes for preparation)
Business Wrap Up
12:30 pm A. Reminder: Complete meeting evaluation forms
B. Next meeting (February 15, 2019 -- Rm 110, MCCS Offices) 
C. Adjourn to brown bag lunch presentation about Service Enterprise (what is it, MCCS history of involvement, role of Service Enterprise in current MCCS work, opportunities for Commissioners to promote it)