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Civic Health Index: How Does Maine Rate?

Published October 3, 2011

The "Civic Life in America" report issued annually by the Corporation for National and Community Service and the National Conference on Citizenship has been released. Maine's profile shows the levels of civic activity are moderate except in one area, the percent of registered voters who actually vote. On that indicator Maine ranks first in the nation with 58% participation among registered voters. 

"Civic life" indicators track community vitality by assessing how often residents engage in civic activities, how people connect with each other and get information, and how they make a difference. The report focuses on five aspects of civic life that are essential for a community to thrive: Service, Participating in a Group, Connecting to Information, Current Events, Social Connectedness, and Political Action.

When it comes to service, people who volunteer with an organization are much more likely to participate in all other forms of civic engagement. Children who volunteer are likely to participate in all aspects of civic life as adults. While the study showed that one third of Mainers volunteer with an organization, this is down from last year, changing the state's rank from 15th place nationwide to 16th place.