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The New Service-learning and Disaster Volunteering

Published July 25, 2011

The new was launched last month with a great new look and feel.  As you begin to use the new site you will uncover new and exciting content as well.  We have added sections designed for Service-learning professionals and to help match volunteers with organizations who need assistance responding to disasters.

The Service-learning page offers resources, training and grant opportunities. Visit the page to read blogs related to Service-learningconnect with other professionals and to learn about the Commission's mission around Service-learning.

The Disaster Volunteering page was designed to support disaster relief organizations with contributions or in-kind goods and services that the organizations report are needed. 

Sometimes volunteers appear spontaneously at disaster sites and create their own new set of problems for organizations to handle along with the disaster. The Disaster Volunteering page matches organizations with volunteers that have disaster related skills and refers them to training to help prepare.

There are many other new features, like a searchable resource library, to explore on the new site! Take a look around and let us know what you think!