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Imagine Service: Blaine House Conference on Volunteerism keynote announced!

Published July 25, 2011


Author, Changing the World on a Tuesday Night

Join us on October 11, 2010 at theBlaine House Conference on Volunteerism.  We are excited to announce this years Keynote, Tammi DeVille. 

In her volunteering life Tammi has delivered food to the homeless, hired employees for non-profits, organized events and marketing projects, been a mentor and court appointed special advocate, facilitated a writer's group, helped students from Cyprus learn about leadership, created a game night fundraiser, helped facilitate intense diversity training in junior high schools, and passed out water and protein bars to runners.

She noticed that everyone who heard about her volunteering adventures had the same basic set of reactions "It's so great that you do that.", "I should be doing something like that." or "I would love to do some volunteering." The problem, she concluded, was not that people didn't want to help. It was that they just didn't quite see howthey could. They would also say, "My life is just too busy right now." and /or "I don't know where to findopportunities I'd be interested in." 

And being a 'get things done' kind of person, she set out to do something about it. A book, profiling some actual busy people who do amazing things to change the world. Tammi spent 2 ½ years hunting down interesting volunteers with interesting projects.

She found 32 different photographers who saw the chance to make adifference too and got the pictures. Today, she's the author of a book, really the manager of a project and a voice for volunteering. But mostly, she's someone who knows what a difference a few hours can make in the worldand in your own life.

Tammi's current "Tuesday Nights" take place on Monday mornings when she has a video-conference call with a13 year old boynamed Clarence who lives in South Africa, through the Infinite Family mentor program. She also does actually spend her literal Tuesday nights working with Art from Ashes, on everything from database projects to making custom holiday cards to thank donors in style.