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Administrative Staff Reports

January 13, 2011

December 2010 Commission Report Training/Disability Coordinator

What a quick month this was!  Between a few days for vacation, shut down & snow days and holidays, the time just flew.  Here are my highlights for the month.


Award notification received for both 2011 PDAT and ADA grants.

I attended National Service Inclusion Project Disability Inclusion Conference in Biloxi, MS from Dec 12-16.  Attendees to the conference included Disability Inclusion staff from state commissions and AmeriCorps National direct programs.  In the Advance Capacity Building Institute that I attended, we developed logic models for implementation of the six elements of an inclusive service and volunteer organization.  The six elements were identified by attendees to the 2009 Advance Capacity Building Institute in AZ.


Notified by CNCS State Office we would have two positions to fill in Feb 2010.  One position will be filled by current member who serve a second term at their current site.  The second position will be filled by a new VISTA Leader.  Reviewed application and conducted interviews with potential VISTA Leader applicants.

Planning for new VISTA Project to start in July 2011 has begun.  (The VolunteerMaine VISTA Project ends June 2010.)  Conduct first planning meeting with Shelly Reed, Dept. of Education; Fran Rudolf, KIDS Consortium, and Commission staff to determine potential sites for service-learning focused VISTAs.


Applications received Dec 16, 2010.  Seven peer reviewers selected and provide an orientation to the Commission and their duties as peer reviewers.  Peer review of applications completed Jan 2, 2011.  Staff tech review completed and provided to Grants Task Force members assigned to the Volunteer Generation Fund..