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Administrative Staff Reports

March 1, 2011

February 2011 Report

Program Officer, Volunteer Sector Initiatives


Provided technical assistance to VGF grantees to address items identified during the review process as conditions of funding. 

Developed VGF performance measures and template contract.

Provided training for VGF grantees on performance measures & scope of work as part of New Grantee Training.


Facilitated monthly AmeriCorps Grantee Meeting.  Michel Lahti, Muskie research associate and assistant research professor, provided a presentation on program evaluation.

Coordinated New Grantee Training for VGF, Learn & Serve, & AmeriCorps Planning Grantees on Feb 24 & 25. 

Provided technical assistance to national service program staff.

Provided information about national service funding opportunities to community organizations.


Participated in VISTA member training on Feb 14 & 15.  Afternoon of Feb 15 was a Volunteer Reception Center training which included four community volunteers in addition to the VISTA members.

Welcomed new VISTA Leader Katherine Klein to the Commission on Feb 14.

Maine VISTA Project

Submitted intermediary application to CNCS.  The new VISTA project is for 26 members.  CNCS has approved five organizations in Maine for a total of seven VISTA members that will be part of the Commission’s new VISTA Project. Focus of remaining VISTA slots/positions will be service learing, education (Title 1), and Veterans and Military families.

Met with Commissioner Matlins & CNCS Program Specialist Smart regarding potential VISTA host sites with a focus on veterans and military families.

Participated in meetings with potential VISTA host sites with a service learning or education (Title 1) focus.