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Administrative Staff Reports

March 23, 2011

This report covers the time period from January to March 2011. It is listed in a bulleted format to make it easier to read. 


- Recruited GSA committee members

- Convened GSA committee meetings

- Wrote agendas and notes for meetings

- Worked with committee members to divide up various tasks and ensure completion

- Wrote sponsorship letter with committee

- Printed, stuffed and mailed sponsorship letter

- Supported committee sponsorship efforts by raising in-kind donations 

- Supported committee sponsorship efforts by training VISTA’s to make sponsorship calls

- Designed, printed, and mailed two postcards to solicit nominations

- Designed and emailed several emails to solicit nominations

- Edited survey that collects nominations

- Collected, downloaded and cleaned up nominations from the survey for peer review

- Created spreadsheets for data merging and RSVP collection

- Distributed nominations and directions to peer review committees

- Conducted 3 peer review training session on how to rate nominations

- Conducted 2 decision calls where peer reviewers made selections

- Received, corrected, and cleaned up Roll of Honor (ROH) Nominations

- Wrote, merged and stuffed notification letters for ROH and Hall of Flags (HOF)

- Designed, printed, and stuffed ROH and HOF notification letters to send to honorees

- Edited certificates for ROH and HOF

- Worked with Commission Chair and Maryalice to provide information to the Governors office about LePage’s attendance

Volunteer Disaster Coordination

- Attended DCT (Donation Coordination Team) meeting at MEMA

- Manage full-time Emergency Management VISTA

- Attended call for NE regional DCT

- Worked with VISTA to create a Tool Kit for building COADS

- Worked with VISTA to develop training for DCT members on Vmaine

- Worked with VISTA to build webpage for disaster volunteering

- Worked with VISTA to create RFP for grants to develop regional COADS


- Coordinated Maine Street segments monthly

- Include TWC in press releases where appropriate


- Maintained both sites. Requiring weekly and sometimes daily updates

- Designed/updated GSA web pages

- Facilitated redesign meeting for

- Facilitated VMaine Redesign training meeting for peer reviewers

- Managed entire peer review process including the decision call

- Managed vendor progress on Vmaine redesign

- Worked with TRUIST representative on new pricing and structure for the TRUIST database on Vmaine

- Trained AmeriCorps VISTA to make updates to both websites using Dreamweaver and the Pemaquid Content Manager

Users Group

- Facilitated conversations around redesign

- Facilitated conversations on licensing and database structure

- Convened meetings 

- Wrote notes and agendas. Posted online

- Sent meeting reminders and answered members questions


- Wrote and distribute relevant press releases. See and

- 135 press clips featuring and/or mentioning AmeriCorps, VolunteerMaine, or MCCS were in Maine papers during the months of January and February  


- Distributed MLK information

- Created MLK contracts for 16 grants

- Handled billing for MLK

- Ensured compliance on all 16 grants awarded

- Promoted projects in the press

- Reported to CNCS on the 16 projects achievements


- Post blogs 2-3 times a week

- Sent reminders to featured bloggers and recruited guest posts weekly

- Secured money to send two Featured Bloggers to training and worked with them to create a webinar to share what they learned with all Featured Bloggers

Twitter and Face Book

- Approved fans and friends weekly

- Post messages 3-5 times weekly

- Designed and setup Face Book ads for: GSA, MLK, online course at YCC, online course at USM, and peer reviewers

Press Conference for Volunteer Generation Fund (VGF)

- Designed and printed literature for event

- Created press packets

- Wrote and distributed media advisory and press release

- Called targeted members of the press to ensure attendance (Two TV stations and the BDN were in attendance)

- Designed map showing location and focus of VGF funds


- Wrote March issue of VolunteerFare newsletter and posted online

Annual Report

- Designed Annual Report layout and graphics

- Wrote and edited Annual Report

- Coordinated with others to obtain necessary information for the report

- Worked with Purchases and selected vendor to print Annual Report

National Service Awareness Day

- Designed outline and implementation plan for National Service Awareness Day to    ensure all National Service programs effectively communication with representatives on April 6th

- Wrote invitation template for National Service Awareness Day so National Service Programs can invite representatives

- Worked with VISTA to write sample “one sheet” describing the impact of the VolunteerMaine project

Senior Corps

- Met with NSSC to keep them abreast of our work and vice versa

- Provided them templates for National Service Awareness Day


- Worked with Andrew to create agenda

- Collected background information and made copies for meetings

- Wrote agenda and notes for meetings and posted them online


- Worked with Purchases and selected vendor to get the “Maine National Service Field Reports” printed

- Worked with purchases and selected vendor to get the “Managing Maine Volunteers (From a Legal Perspective)” printed

- Prepared for press conference to announce Learn & Serve money. (press conference was cancelled by TWC)

- Attended outreach event at Colby College and prepared materials prior to event

- Learned new Adobe Connect Software

- Submitted invoices, wrote purchase orders and worked with Purchases to ensure vendors were paid