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Administrative Staff Reports

April 15, 2011

Meredith Eaton Administrative Staff Report- Training and VISTA Coordinator


·        Delivered a training webinar for Maine AmeriCorps Member Conference workshop presenters on workshop design, adult learning styles, and inclusion and universal design on March 8th. 

·        Planned successful Maine AmeriCorps member conference on March 31st at Thomas College in Waterville.  Over 100 members attended; 15 workshop choices were offered during three break-out sessions.  Most were presented by current members, who had the opportunity to develop their training and presentation skills.  Keynote at the conference was Marjorie Withers, Director of Community Caring Collaborative in Washington County, who spoke on diversity in Maine and cultural competency. 

·        Assumed lead staff role on MCCS’ webinar series.  Will be providing technical assistance and moderation to presenters, recruiting new presenters and scheduling webinars, and sharing evaluation results with presenters.  Will also be working with MCCS’ pro bono volunteer, Joan Davis, to facilitate interactive webinar design and one-on-one training to the presenter.


·        Continuing outreach for host sites for Maine VISTA project to focus on Education and Veterans & Military Families.  Out of 26 member slots including 2 VISTA Leaders, 14 of those sites were identified by March 31st; 7 sites are intermediaries through the CNCS State Office.  Providing trainings for host sites on performance measures, recruitment, and creating work plans during the month of April.

·        Continuing recruitment process for 26-member Maine VISTA project.  VISTA Leaders Brad and Katie are pre-screening applicants and I am interviewing them.  If candidates meet project qualifications, they will have the opportunity to interview with a host.  VISTA members need to be enrolled by mid-June, will attend August Pre-Service Orientation, and start at sites in mid-August.

·        Working with Pam Zeutenhorst to revise Memorandum of Understanding for Maine VISTA Project Host Sites.

Blaine House Conference

·        First planning call for this year’s 25th anniversary Blaine House Conference on Volunteerism on March 23rd.  Working with conference chair Drew Matlins to secure planning committee and subcommittee leads; out of last year’s conference attendees, 19 were interested in serving on the committee. 

·        Next steps include setting date and location, securing keynote, and discussing content and format.


·        Outreach to AmeriCorps National Direct program staff and members for inclusion in National Service and Volunteerism Council (formerly Staff Council) and AmeriCorps member trainings.  Next council meeting planned for May 5 with Eileen Buzzello presenting on managing Maine volunteers from a legal perspective.

·        Working with Excellence and Expertise Task Force on Professional Development Fund process.  First round of funding applications were released in March, are due April 8th, and will be reviewed on April 15th.

·        Attendance at bi-weekly staff meetings.