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Administrative Staff Reports

January 5, 2012

November 2011 Program Officer, Volunteer Sector Initiatives Report


Submitted by Pam Zeutenhorst



Submitted year-end report (Oct 31) to the Corporation for National & Community Service (CNCS).


Participated in Volunteer Generation Fund meeting in DC.  14 of 19 Commission receiving Volunteer Generation Funds attended.  Shared progress to date and identified common national performance measures to use in reporting to CNCS.


Completed monitoring reports and sent to grantees.


Convened monthly technical assistance teleconference for grantees.


Participated in webinar by Truist regarding zip code enhancement to Volunteer Solutions and provided feedback.


Provided technical assistance to grantees as needed. 



Participated in MCCS and SPO staff meetings.


Submitted 2012 Disability Grant to CNCS.


Participated in OnCorps teleconference regarding upgrades to on-line reporting system.


Provided technical assistance to Corporation funded program staff.


Provided information about Corporation funding opportunities to community organizations.