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Administrative Staff Reports

April 1, 2012

March 2012 Administrative Staff Report- Grant Programs Officer



  • Provided in-depth training for subgrantee staff on compliance items during AmeriCorps Member Conference
  • Assisted in planning and outreach for AmeriCorps Week (March 10-18)
  • Organized and filed information related to financial reports and processed reimbursement requests.
  • Continued outreach regarding the AmeriCorps Formula RFP’s, including attendance at Maine School Garden Network strategic planning meeting, and the Physical Activity & Nutrition Summit
  • Developed RFP format for Formula Fixed Price Grants
  • Facilitated the monthly Technical Assistance meeting for AmeriCorps Grantees
  • Provided ongoing technical assistance to subgrantees on various topics


Learn & Serve:

  • Processed Service-learning subgrantee financial reports for approval
  • Continued to develop revised Global Youth Service Day plan, met with Lincoln Middle School, Portland, and KIDS Consortium Representatives for continued planning. 
  • Supervised Service-learning VISTA.
  • Recruited Commission members and others for participation in Project Citizen judging
  • Hosted Service-learning Task Force meeting
  • Attended STEM Summit hosted by MDOE at Colby College


Emergency Management:

  • Attended monthly Volunteer and Donations Management Planning Team Meeting
  • Monitored Aidmatrix site
  • Participated in monthly NASEDOVOC Conference Call
  • Prepared for MEMA Preparedness Conference sessions


Other National Service:

  • Prepared content for and compiled CNCS Programs Newsletters (bi-weekly)



  • Bi-weekly staff meetings
  • Hosted Grants Task Force teleconference meeting
  • Met with Commissioner Bromberg regarding fundraising tools