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Administrative Staff Reports

January 1, 2013

December 2012 Administrative Staff Report - Grant Programs Officer



  • Prepared and submitted AmeriCorps Grantee Performance Reports (formula & competitive) to CNCS
  • Set up process and provided materials for Grant Performance & Selection Task Force to review AmeriCorps State Competitive grant applications
  • Prepared and sent out continuation contracts to Competitive Sub-grantee
  • Participated in training on Criminal History Record Check requirements and process under new regulations promulgated by CNCS
  • Collected and reviewed monthly financial reports and processed reimbursement requests.
  • Completed close out of 06AFHME001 AmeriCorps Formula grant
  • Hosted monthly Subgrantee Technical assistance training
  • Provided frequent technical assistance to sub-grantees on various topics

Maine Service-learning:

  • Help planning meetings regarding VISTA Activity Description next Service-learning VISTA
  • Provided feedback on draft of new District-wide Implementation Guide for service-learning
  • Participated in training on use of the Maine Learning Network to create a Service-Learning Practitioners Community of Practice group
  • Participated in initial meetings with staff from College of the Atlantic on connect K-12 service-learning with higher ed., especially teacher preparation
  • Hosted interviews by Real School students of Commission staff for a documentary on service-learning they are producing
  • Provided technical assistance to Service-learning grantees
  • Facilitated Service-learning Task Force meeting

Emergency Management:

  • Chaired monthly Volunteer and Donations Coordination Team meeting (co-chair stepped down)
  • Monitored National Donations Management Network site

Other National Service:

  • Participated in National Service & Volunteerism Council meeting (including presenting on process for state and national Criminal History Record Checks)


  • Facilitated Grants Selection & Performance Task Force Meeting
  • Bi-weekly staff meetings
  • Procurement Card coding & invoice submission