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Administrative Staff Reports

May 1, 2013

April 2013 Grant Programs Officer Staff Report


  • Participated in planning for, and facilitated travel and sub-grantee visits by Director of AmeriCorps, Bill Basl
  • Provided assistance and training to potential AmeriCorps School Improvement Grant ( AC SIG) applicant
  • Facilitated scoring of AC SIG application by Grants Task Force & prepared recommendations for Commission
  • Established continuation parameters for AmeriCorps programs
  • Developed continuation instructions for AC programs
  • Met with Island Institute transition team (program director is leaving)
  • Organized AmeriCorps outreach at Machais "Stretch Your Dollar Day" event
  • Prepared and filed mid-year AmeriCorps progress reports for competitive and formula programs with CNCS and oversaw filing of Federal Financial Reports for AmeriCorps programs
  • Began organizing and filing Quarterly report materials
  • Organized and filed information related to financial and program reports and processed reimbursement requests.
  • Facilitated the monthly Technical Assistance meeting for AmeriCorps Grantees.
  • Provided technical assistance to subgrantees on various topics.


  • Participated as member of Project Citizen planning group
  • Shared Governor's proclamation regarding Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) with funded sites
  • Provided press release text for announcing publication of Establishing Service-learning in Maine School Districts in Maine Department of Education Newsletter
  • Processed invoices for GYSD grants and communicated reminders to funded programs 

Emergency Management:

  • Presented at Maine Prepares Emergency Management Conference
  • Participated in Volunteer and Donations Management Planning Team work session in order to continue revision of Volunteer and Donations Management Annex to state Emergency operations plan
  • Monitored National Donations Management Network site

Other National Service:

  • Continued to work with CNCS programs regarding necessary criminal history check paperwork, distributed background check responses and fingerprint cards at program requests.


  • Assisted in various aspects of Governor's Awards for Service & Volunteerism
  • Bi-weekly staff meetings
  • Hosted Grants Task Force teleconference meeting
  • Procurement Card coding