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Administrative Staff Reports

February 1, 2016

January 2016 Grant Programs Officer Staff Report 


  • Facilitated Grants Task Review of three Competitive applications and one continuation. Worked with Task Force to develop funding recommendations for Commission.
  • Provided feedback to Competitive Grant applicants regarding funding conditions and needed corrective actions, including a significant reworking of the EMDC submission that required a reconvening of the Task Force. Also worked with LearningWorks on a reduction of budget and with MECA on required additional documentation of fiscal system capacity.  Also worked with all applicants to resolve eGrants issues related to the Federally Approved Indirect Cost rate input screens
  • Wrote recommendation summaries for CNCS and submitted Prime Competitive application
  • Facilitated the monthly Technical Assistance meeting for AmeriCorps Grantees, including ongoing training in Evaluation concepts

Major topics for January were MLK Jr Day planning, federal budget approval, and initial planning for member conference and Legislative Awareness Day.  Eval training focus was on designing effective Research Questions.

  • Organized and filed information related to quarterly program and financial reports and processed reimbursement requests.  Also filed replies with CNCS Program Officer to clarification questions from fall Quarterly Progress Reports.
  • Provided technical assistance to subgrantees on various topics – including slot changes for LearningWorks, Performance measure input in OnCorps reporting system, upcoming formula continuations.
  • Participated in CNCS monthly update & ASC program officer teleconferences


Other National Service:

  • Began planning for National Service Day at the Hall of Flags in the Capitol in Augusta; including updating contact information for legislators, template communications & sample handouts for use by volunteer assisting with the coordination of the event.
  • Monitored background check process for national service programs using CHRC system and provided assistance to program directors regarding rejected prints and required waivers as well as following up on individuals with missing waivers.


Ongoing and MCCS

  • Met with state auditor to establish areas of audit focus and list of needed materials.  Sent out requests for general ledger backup to five programs and shared fiscal reporting documents with the auditor from our online reporting systems.
  • Provided training and assistance relating to desk audit protocols with planning & research associate.
  • Created necessary requisitions and contracts in the state’s Advantage payment sytem and processed procurement purchases and filed required receipts and invoices with the DAFS.