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Administrative Staff Reports

October 13, 2017

The interim Grant Officer is Maryalice. This is the summary of activity from 9/15 through the end of the month. 

Major projects completed.  
After a late summer review of the tools we used for grant management, staff decided to make OnCorps the primary tool and automate as many processes as possible. During September, the request for reimbursement and slot conversion request processes were moved into OnCorps along with all grant closeout forms. OnCorps access for users is a unique login so all the electronic signatures meet requirements and there is an audit trail of dates. 

OnCorps also has a resource function (think document library) that staff revamped to make more like a grant management resource. While the Hub/Basecamp will continue to be the group communication center and source of staff training materials, any grant management documents or tools will now live in OnCorps. 

Issues to be aware of:  
- Pelin issued the final report on monitoring for LearningWorks the day she left. There are problems with documentation in a number of records that will result in repayments. Because notes left are incomplete, it will take a few more weeks to confirm how many records are involved.

- The monitoring visit of Maine Conservation Corps was left unfinished. Due to the findings last year about member records, that is the focus of the review underway. It is half complete as of October 3 and will be completed by end of the month.

- All new Cooperative Agreements for 2017-2018 were issued before Sept. 30 with the exception of LearningWorks. There is an accounting system issue that is holding their agreement up. It has nothing to do with the grantee or federal agency.

- CNCS issued the AmeriCorps NOFO signaling the start of the new AmeriCorps State Competitive contest. In addition to the major rewriting of a third of the applicant instructions, the agency held back half the instructions having to do with the technicalities of submitting proposals. The Commission had enough information to draft the state request for proposals but may need to amend our document when the final pieces are issued. We could not delay because applicants need at least six weeks to develop and submit a proposal. The anticipated due date at the state level is the week of Thanksgiving.

Major focus of effort for the next month  
- Completion of Take2 monitoring report and close of that grant.  
- Completion of Maine Conservation Corps monitoring review and report plus resolution of findings on LearningWorks.  
- Review of final quarter reports for 2016-2017 performance and submission of annual performance report to CNCS.  
- Risk assessment of current/continuing grantees
- Work with SOM Division of Purchases to clear AmeriCorps RFP and issue it  
- Development of training for new Grant Selection and Performance Task Force members related to their duties in grant selection.