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Administrative Staff Reports

October 1, 2017

Program Development & Training Officer


Major projects completed –

AmeriCorps: Assisted new programs with start-up challenges and additional one-on-one trainings more specific than the general instruction offered in New Grantee trainings this summer.  Also represented the Commission at the annual AmeriCorps Symposium in Washington DC and, while there, represented the Commission and the annual ASC Board meetings.  Symposium offered the opportunity to hear from and meet new CNCS leadership and to hear about any changes in direction and emphases that are being planned.  Commission staff are also working as a team to better utilize the functionality of the OnCorps Grant Management platform and have been developing a variety of new forms and reporting procedures.

Service Enterprise:  Met with a consultant who will begin initial outreach to Portland area programs as the start of developing a Portland SE cohort.  Target agencies are those that have hosted AmeriCorps members for multiple years and others who would benefit from increased capacity to develop skilled volunteers.

AmeriCorps Opioid Initiative – Met with the legal applicant planning to submit an application this fall and assisted them in refining their logic model and in securing needed cash match from DHHS.  We cannot assist once the RFP is released.

Began initial outreach to potential VGF applicants through email and phone contact.  Also began to identify key agencies that provide service in the new CNCS Priority areas to target for program development support.

Issues to be aware of –

E & E is discussing ways to re-invigorate the Blaine House conference. Any additional input from Commissioners not on the E & E Task force is welcome.

The Commission is doing outreach on a number of different fronts to increase AmeriCorps applications. These include the Commission’s Rural initiative and support for new formula applications from rim counties, as well as the current opioid initiative for the upcoming competitive round and new CNCS priorities of child abuse & neglect, services to youth in foster care and infrastructure development.  These will be occurring at the same time as outreach to potential VGF applicants in the areas of Aging in Place, Food Security and Transportation.  As you hear about these different goals, please recognize that the staff are working one multiple initiatives simultaneously and that each has different intended outcomes.

Major focus of effort in the new month –

VGF RFP design, including program criteria and scope of deliverables, and secure contract support for VGF initiative. Set up review process for December and format contracts for subgrantees

Support contractor and be available for consult and editing of AmeriCorps Program online course for new applicants

Develop Portland-area Service Enterprise Cohort to start in late fall and begin core training sessions after the new year

Begin intensive outreach for CNCS priority program development in the areas of child abuse & neglect, services to youth in foster care and infrastructure development

Present sessions at Blaine House Conference and support execution of the event

Support planning and execution of AmeriCorps Opening Day event


Other activity –

Ongoing participation on conference planning team for National Service Regional Conference, scheduled for early June.

Regular AmeriCorps Technical Assistance to existing grantees via email, teleconference & face to face.

Staff support for E & E task Force.

Procurement system management and initial entry of financial documents in state purchasing system, including purchase orders, bids, and contracts.