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Administrative Staff Reports

October 1, 2018

Major projects completed –

  • Attended AmeriCorps Symposium in Washington DC, presented there on rural programming model and participated in a number of training sessions offered by CNCS.
  • AmeriCorps: Assisted new programs with start-up challenges and additional one-on-one trainings more specific than the general instruction offered in New Grantee trainings this summer.
  • Service Enterprise:  Began series of SE trainings for four Aroostook County agencies, Aroostook CAP, Aroostook Agency on Aging, Turner Memorial Library & staff from the Francis Malcolm Science Center,.
  • Misc: Met with USM provost to discuss value of matching of the AmeriCorps Education award by USM and other UM system schools.  Presented AmeriCorps program options to Downtown Districts at Maine Development Foundation’s annual training and award ceremony. Met with MEMA representatives to clarify Commission role in relation to spontaneous volunteer management and donations management.  Planning for AC opening day event, including organizing speakers, preparing script and event flow and issuing media releases. 

Issues to be aware of –

  • VGF and CIF grants come to a close in September.  VGF subgrantees are only partly through their initial grant cycle and so data from them will be limited for first grantee progress report.  CIF cycle was shortened by the CNCS by 4 months and so expected targets.
  • Closing of RSU14 formula funded program creates need for rapid re-issue of formula RFP and intensive burst of outreach to potential applicants during the upcoming month. 

Major focus of effort in the new month –

  • Intensive outreach and program planning support for off-cycle AmeriCorps formula and rural state competition.
  • VGF subgrantee reports review.  CIF data aggregation. CNCS Grantee progress reporting for both grants
  • Complete Aroostook Service Enterprise Cohort to training sessions  and participating programs to certification consulting. Develop a mid-coast Service Enterprise Cohort to start after the new year
  • Provide lead planning and execution of AmeriCorps Opening Day event at Blaine House Conference. Present two sessions at Blaine House Conference and support execution of the event
  • Present at Maine School Board Conference (NCCC outreach) and provide MSAD 40 with Gap-year presentation for high school students
  • Convene conference planning team for National Service Regional Conference, scheduled for May 

Other activity –

  • Regular AmeriCorps Technical Assistance to existing grantees via email, teleconference & face to face.
  • Procurement system management and initial entry of financial documents in state purchasing system, including purchase orders, bids, and contracts.