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Administrative Staff Reports

September 1, 2018

July-August 2018 - Program Development & Training Officer

Major projects completed –

AmeriCorps: Planned and executed four full day training events for new grantees (and some staff of currently funded programs). 37 separate individuals representing program and fiscal staff participated in at least one of the sessions which covered key compliance, program, member and site management topics. These trainings followed two June trainings for formula grantees to assist them with clarification recommendations and Commission required changes to their applications prior to federal submission.

Commission Investment Fund: The Commission applied for and was awarded a CIF continuation grant that represents a significant increase in overall funding.
VGF & Service Enterprise: Provided a Service Enterprise Orientation training meeting in Presque Isle to four agencies who will make up a Service Enterprise cohort training in the County starting in September and continuing through October. Significant outreach and prep was needed in developing this cohort. The VGF contracted support contractor was also engaged this summer and has begun outreach and planning with VGF grantees.

Other: ASC and Mott Foundation Afterschool program outreach initiative resulted in an AmeriCorps scoping meeting attended by 11 agencies, including a representative of the statewide YMCA Alliance.

Issues to be aware of –

CIF continues with a focus on Evaluation and Assessment, including a part-time position specific to that aim. Similar to previous iterations, CIF funding includes funding for consultants to assist with Commission priorities. This year Aging in Place and Data Collection/Evaluation Support for the Commission and for Subgrantees were included in consultant funding. Lastly, the Commission’s Professional Development fund was also funded with the intention of funding a study group leading to Certified Volunteer Administrator credentials for subgrantee program directors.

The upcoming months will be dominated by training and support to new grantees, both AmeriCorps and VGF. We have a significant number of new programs and new staff in continuing programs. To this end, we have scheduled six full day training events over the summer months and are developing individualized support plans for each grantee

Major focus of effort in the new month –

Training officer will be leading a four-part Service Enterprise training for the Aroostook Cohort. Training s occur every two weeks between September 18th and October 30th.

The Training Officer is also scheduled to provide training to Downtown Centers through an engagement with Maine Development Foundation, to Maine School Management Association, and to the University of Southern Maine and at the Educate Maine Conference later in the fall regarding attracting and retaining youth in Maine through volunteerism and national service.

Additionally, the TO will provide support for the Blaine House Conference and present two workshops during the conference.

Other activity –

Regular AmeriCorps Technical Assistance to existing grantees via email, teleconference & face to face.

Procurement system management and initial entry of financial documents in state purchasing system, including purchase orders, bids, and new AmeriCorps contracts.