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Administrative Staff Reports

May 10, 2019

Report submitted by: Jamie McFaul, Grants Officer

Major projects completed:

  • Completed annual AmeriCorps Program Monitoring Site Visit Reports for Axiom Education & Training Center & Healthy Acadia. All other programs Site Reports are in the process of being completed. 
  • The Four new AmeriCorps program are in various stages of startup: Seeds of Hope has filled the Neighbor Relations position – and is still recruiting for Workforce Development; Game Loft has filled their 2 mentor positions and the members have already been serving, MSAD 70 has filled one of their 3 slots that member will begin near the end of May, and Main Street Skowhegan has interviewed a few potential members, but have not officially onboarded anyone yet. 
  • Performance measures were submitted in time for the four Rural grants, and GPR’s for the 2nd Quarter are all in from the ongoing AmeriCorps grants.
  • Currently in the process of reviewing and approving all PER’s and AFR’s up until March, and will be done by the end of next week to submit the FFR.
  • The recent technical assistance call addressed background check compliance, consent release forms, and the upcoming Northeast Regional Conference.

Major focus of effort for the next month:

  • Completing site monitoring reports for Learning Works, Maine Partnership for Environmental Stewardship, Colby College, Mid-Coast Conservancy, and Trekkers.
  • Continued assistance for the four new rural programs.