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Administrative Staff Reports

June 7, 2019

Report submitted by: Jamie McFaul, Grants Officer

Major projects completed:

  • Completed annual AmeriCorps Program Monitoring Site Visit Reports for Mid-Coast Conservancy, Healthy Acadia, Learning Works, & the Maine Partnership for Environmental Stewardship for member files.
  • Facilitated a Roundtable discussion about Esprit de Corps in AmeriCorps at the Northeast Regional Conference in New Hampshire. 
  • The four new rural program updates are as follows: 
    • Seeds of Hope has Neighbor Relations AC member will be fully enrolled once their citizenship is confirmed through the Social Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security. Seeds of Hope intends to do a slot conversion to 900 hours for their new (potential) member from New York, to allow them enough time to complete their service year successfully.
    • Game Loft’s two AC members have been accomplishing a lot in the past month, mentoring students in RSU 3.
    • The Grants Officer and the Program Development & Training Officer will be meeting with MSAD 70 as there is a new Superintendent coming aboard. There are still two more AC slots to fill.
    •  Main Street Skowhegan 3 AC members are just over a month into their service year and have recently participated in the Volunteer Reception Center training hosted by Maine Conservation Corps.    
  • Learning Works is standing strong as they head into Round 2 of IPERIA testing.
  • Performance measures were submitted in time for the four Rural grants, and GPR’s for the 2nd Quarter are all in from the ongoing AmeriCorps grants.
  • Currently in the process of reviewing and approving all Grantee Progress Reports, and intend to finish by the end of June. All but one of the Performance Measures have been approved.
  • The recent technical assistance call addressed background check compliance and the end of the exemption period, understanding AmeriCorps role in emergency preparedness, and documenting members service appropriately in their time-sheets.

Major focus of effort for the next month:

  • Ongoing technical assistance and support to the four new rural grants as well as continued support for the ongoing AmeriCorps programs throughout the State.  
  • Developing Site supervisor training manual template for sub-grantees.
  • Developing a Program Director handbook for guidance through AmeriCorps programming and policies.
  • Grant contract and policy review to advise the Commission on any changes that need to be discussed and implemented.