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Administrative Staff Reports

February 4, 2020

Submitted by: Jamie McFaul, Grants Officer

Major projects completed:

  • Grants Selection and Performance Task Force meeting held to go over policy changes and to discuss National Directs in the State of Maine
  • Attended the new Fiscal Officer virtual Training that was delivered by ASC
  • Site monitoring visits with: Main Street Skowhegan, Game Loft, Maine Conservation Corps, Mid-Coast Conservancy, and Trekkers
  • Arranged site visits within the month of February for the remaining AmeriCorps programs
  • Discussed GPR issues with Program Directors
  • Successfully completed the Management Concepts course on Managing Federal Grants and Cooperative Agreements for Recipients
  • Review of Performance measures for all AmeriCorps programs, this is ongoing
  • Attended the MLK event with the Portland Housing Authority and the NAACP in Portland, ME
  • Continued and ongoing technical assistance to programs for various things, to include: site agreement examples, progress report guidance/clarification
  • Close-out of the 2018-2019 year for Learning Works

Issues to be aware of:

  • IPERIA has sent an invoice to Volunteer Maine on behalf of Learning Works, with a disallowance of costs for time that was based on an estimate.
  • Still in the process of closing MSAD 70

Major focus of effort for the next month:

  • Continued review and approval of Quarterly reporting, to include Grantee Progress Reports, financial reports, and reimbursement requests
  • Completing site monitoring visits in the State
  • Writing up Site Visit Reports for each program based on findings at the time of the site visit