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Administrative Staff Reports

June 1, 2020

Program Development & Training Officer

Major projects completed – May 2020

  • Provided extensive post-RFP support to new potential applicants for the unallocated AmeriCorps formula funding, including logic model and budget development, as well as providing assistance in clarifying narrative requirements.  Given the short timeline available, only two of the six organizations we provided support to submitted final applications.  Two of the others considered planning grant applications, and one submitted for that opportunity. All five of the combined operating and planning applications were agencies that we had done prior application prep-work with within the previous six months.
  • Despite considerable behind the scenes discussion and modeling, Maine CDC elected to not move forward with AmeriCorps supported Contact Tracing in favor of a contracted service model coupled with some volunteer support from Maine Responds, the medical reserve corps in the state.
  • The CARES Act had effects on a number of CNCS policies regarding member service alternatives and living allowance distributions.  This information was filtered for applicability and presented to programs via email notification as well as group presentation and individual follow-ups.
  • Completed and submitted both a three-year Volunteer Generation Fund application for the upcoming funding cycle and a current year CIF budget rewrite to accommodate changing CNCS funding policy.


Issues to be aware of –

  • Continued modification and additions to CNCS policy – as the COVID-19 emergency goes on, CNCS continues to make alterations and adaptations to both long-standing policy and also to recently introduced COVID-19- policies.  This requires constant monitoring of CNCS messages, training calls and websites as well as the ASC discussion boards and then communication of the key elements therein to the affected programs.
  • and DCT activity have moderated significantly over the month of May but still require monitoring.  Weekly meetings have stopped but a long-term recovery committee has been formed which we are participating in.  Coordination with MEVOAD and their constituencies continues, as does support for agencies wishing to utilize
  • Short turn-around time between the Commission vote funding new programs and the federal submission deadline will mean some changes to the normal clarification sequence.  New applicants will need to make adjustments and corrections ahead of the vote. This requires clear guidance that clarification does not indicate approval of the applications.


Major focus of effort in the new month –

  • Review of applications and preparation of review materials for one or more of the applications submitted.  Leadership in supporting agencies in completing timely corrections and clarifications prior to the federal submission deadline at the end of the month.
  • Design of a Planning Grant Training model appropriate to the current COVID-19 situation that can be re-used in the future for remote learning for agencies interested in future grant competitions. Development of a support contracting position to further this goal.
  • Continued coordination with MEMA, MEVOAD and other agencies in response to COVID-19.
  • Develop alternative Service Enterprise cohort strategies, including online training (continued from prior month).


Other activity –

  • Ongoing AmeriCorps & VGF Technical Assistance to existing grantees via email, teleconference & face to face.
  • Procurement system management and initial entry of financial documents in state purchasing system, including purchase orders, bids, and contracts.