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Administrative Staff Reports

August 31, 2020

Please note: The format of the Communications Officer's staff report has changed to focus on high-level updates. Digital marketing metrics will be made available in the Communications Task Force report. Thank you!

 Major projects completed

  • Maine Volunteer Foundation (MVF) website has been launched (LINK)
  • Structure of new Volunteer Maine website to be used by vendor during design and development
  • Press release and coverage earned for AmeriCorps funding cycle (LINK) (LINK) (LINK)
  • Completed supervision of summer communications intern Nathan McIvor
  • Press release and coverage earned of VGF COVID-19 supplementary funding announcement (LINK)
  • Working with Commissioners and MVF Board to set annual work plan for 2020 (LINK)
  • With help of McIvor, completed two-month-long social media campaigns. One focused on Volunteer Maine brand awareness while the other on the Commission's impact. Both campaigns resulted in increases in both reach and engagement metrics, meaning more individuals saw and interacted with our posts.

Issues to be aware of

  • AmeriCorps rebrand: On Aug. 24, CNCS Transformation team announced the new brands and visual identities for AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps Seniors (formerly Senior Corps). The brand will be unveiled to the public on Sept. 29. Our recommendation to AmeriCorps grantees is to engage in the rebrand process as soon as possible. Due to the tight timeline set by CNCS, and the potential of AmeriCorps programs needing extra support, this could impact original goals for the month.
  • Onboarding of Development Associate position: The Development Associate, Streeter Elliott, reports to the Communications Officer. Time will need to be set aside to help him get acclimated and onboarded.
  • AmeriCorps Virtual Symposium Sept. 15-17: All staff members are being asked to participate, which could impact project timelines.

Major focus of effort in the next month

  • Promoting and hosting virtual AmeriCorps recruitment fair scheduled for mid-October
  • Conducting simple video testimonials with AmeriCorps members to help with recruitment and messaging
  • Working on two feature videos, focusing on AmeriCorps service, to demonstrate community impact
  • Promoting the Maine Volunteer Leadership conference through traditional (press release, event calendar submissions) and digital (social media and email) methods
  • Testing and readying new Volunteer Maine website for mid-fall launch
  • Refining MVF website, if changes are requested
  • Assisting AmeriCorps programs during AmeriCorps rebrand process
  • Recording and editing plenary sessions for air during Oct. 13 conference
  • Continuing work with subcommittee in Communications Task Force to create a messaging map
  • Preparing session on storytelling to be delivered during the Maine Volunteer Leadership Conference

Other activity

  • McIvor complied 10 COVID-19 response stories that were submitted by National Service Programs in advance of Sen. Collins visit earlier this summer. The stories just need to be proofed and multimedia elements need to be added. The hope is to finish that work and begin sharing the stories in concert with the release of the new website.
  • Roche would like to note and commend the efforts of McIvor during an unusual internship period. His positivity, professionalism and flexibility were greatly appreciated. He will be missed by the entire staff team!

Prepared by Communications Officer Bryan Roche