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Board Development Task Force

April 5, 2013

Notes for March 22 and April 5 meetings.

Attendance: Ron Holmes, Celeste Branham, Maryalice Crofton

Absent: Drew Matlins, Mary-Anne LaMarre

March 22 discussion (Ron and Celeste)

1. Board membership - preparing for next round of appointments/candidate recruitment

- Members up for reappointment include new people who have been finishing out terms of people who resigned. Celeste will contact the group by email to determine who wants to be a candidate for reappointment. The members with expiring terms are John Portela, Susan Austin, Nancy McKechnie, Casey Bromberg, Dwane Hubert, David Wihry.
- One seat is currently vacant (McLean) and it is possible the second youth commissioner seat will be vacant. The latter depends on Lindsey's post-graduation employment. Ron will approach KVCC, Colby and Thomas about potential candidates with an emphasis on freshman/sophomores. Celeste will reach out to Bates and UMF for recommendations.

2. Board retreat.

- The final poll about timing is complete. The overwhelming choice is Thursday, June 20 with the business meeting to follow on the morning of June 21. The timeframe for the retreat is 9-5 with our usual "team building" dinner that evening. The board meeting is critical because it will involves authorizing all the continuation grants. Maryalice will reserve the conference room in the Klahr Center at UMA for the retreat.
- As the first step in organizing the retreat program, Ron and Celeste decided to touch base with task force chairs for their thoughts about focus.

Because the time to organize the retreat and nomination recommendations is short, Board Development will convene again in two weeks. Next meeting: Friday, April 5 @ 2:30 pm. 

April 5 discussion (Celeste by phone; Ron by email)

1. Board membership.

- Reappointment status. Celeste has had replies from all but one of the members with expiring terms. Requesting reappointment are Portela, Austin, McKechnie, Bromberg. Undecided is Hubert. No reply yet from Wihry. Celeste will follow up with him.
- Recruitment for youth commissioner.  Celeste has 3 possibilities (referrals) from UMF and is still trying to connect with the Harward Center at Bates. Ron reported that he's been in touch with Colby students but so far both are going abroad for study next year. He will continue working on Colby and Thomas.

2. MCCS Retreat. There was feedback from two task force chairs. Issues mentioned so far are how to ensure all Commissioners are aware of the size and nature of the grants MCCS awards; consideration of what partnerships are necessary looking at the resources; and, what is the Commission's likely capacity in the next five years.

Ron will connect with the two chairs on his list before the next meeting.

The meeting space at UMA was available for June 20 and has been reserved.

3. Re-establishing meeting time. Although 2:30 pm on the first Friday was selected, it is not working out. Maryalice will poll members to find a new regular meeting time. 

NOTE: Outcome of poll is 8:30 am on 4th Friday of each month. That makes the next meeting April 26 @ 8:30 am.