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Communications Task Force

January 21, 2011

Governor's Awards for Service and Volunteerism update- Rochelle reported that nominations were due on 2/1 and that the committee had recently sent out a sponsorship letter.  The only sponsorship we have so far is from American Awards for Plaques.  Rochelle asked American Awards for a clock plaque instead at the request of last year’s committee to give away something nicer then a plain plaque.  She does not have an answer back yet from American Awards. Steve offered to email Commissioners the sponsorship letter and ask them to help get sponsorships as well.

MLK Day- Rochelle reported she was unable to attend a project, as she normal would have, because of a fire in her home that caused smoke damage.  She also reported the final reports from grantees were not in yet but that she would send them out when they were finalized.

Press conference- Rochelle invited PIE members to attend the press conference where the VGF grantees will be announced. 

John's draft letter to legislatures in regards to legislative outreach- John was not present to provide the letter. Judi agreed to follow up with him on this.