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Communications Task Force

May 31, 2012

1.       Strategic Plan
a.       Work on individual meetings/tours with Congressional Delegation  to promote understanding and awareness of Volunteer Generation Fund impact in Maine. Target site visits to  high performing volunteer centers. Include updates on National Service programs, Commission issues with fed agency policy changes.  MA will contact King, Andrew will reach out to D & R Senate nominees and Marcia will reach out to Pingree, Michaud & Collins with a specific emphasis on finding policy staffers responsible for National Service.
b.      Change meeting approach from one meeting for all. Gives us more flexibility.

2.       Champion of Service.
a.       Time to start nomination process. Recommendation offered that Champion of Service stay with the tradition started last year. Nominees would be solicited from public sector, have a track record of advocating for volunteer/citizen engagement in dealing with local issues; personally being engaged on pro bono/volunteer basis in local or regional or statewide public sector efforts; demonstrate an understanding of the support and resources volunteers need to be effective; and be recognized in the community as a formal or informal leader who is able to get things done.
b.      Commissioners or people from the field nominate? Broader pool from outside nominators. See if Maine Municipal Association is interested in promoting this with Commission.
c.       This is the only award solely belonging to MCCS. It is presented at the Blaine House Conference on Service and Volunteerism.
d.      Ask John Portela to reach out to  MMA about promotional assistance.
e.      Commissioners present felt the criteria and purpose were on target. Should get feedback and assent from entire board.

3.       Volunteer of the Month
a.       Start as a promo on
b.      Purpose is to balance implied messages on home page - has become very focused on managers of volunteers because of the work volunteer centers and MCCS do. This could bring back visibility of the volunteer search piece and help volunteers "see" themselves on the site while recognizing someone nominated by a program.
c.       MA nominated Lindsey Oliver to work with her.
d.      Start with people nominated under GSA.