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Communications Task Force

February 12, 2018

The meeting opened at 3pm via teleconference.

PRESENT: Carol Rancourt, David Burns, Cecily Cook


1. Report from Carol on outreach to TV studios for Senior Corps marketing

  • Gorham’s community TV station and studio is willing to offer us support in production of a TV clip (30 or 60 seconds), but needs more information, including the number of people, the format, where filming would take place, etc.
  • CNTV in Portland might be willing to do something, as well, but it may cost some money
  • Carol will return to Gorham to follow up with more details: 1 Senior Corps volunteer narrating with some other photo/slideshow overlays


2. Report from Cecily on outreach to Senior Corps volunteers to feature in material

  • Senior Corps program directors have provided the contact information for a number of members who would be good candidates to feature. Again, need more specific details (when, where, what, etc) in order to firm up any plans.
  • There is good representation from the 3 different Senior Corps programs.


3. Timeline for promotional material

  • Suzanne at MAB has Sept.-Dec. blocked off in their calendar for Senior Corps, so she would need radio/TV material before that.
  • For anything printed the goal is April


4. National Service Day on Feb. 27 – inviting State + Local Government Committee

  • The 12 legislators on the State and Local Government Committee should be invited to National Service Day at the State House on the 27th.
  • Cecily will assign PIE members 3 legislators each to invite.
  • Dave B. can help with getting invitations to any/all legislators.


5. John Portela’s upcoming speaking tour

  • This Spring John is going to go on a speaking tour about MCCS and AmeriCorps/National Service.
  • Groups he will be targeting will include rotaries, chambers of commerce, Kiwanis, etc. If anyone has any contacts or other groups that would be an appropriate fit let Cecily know
  • Cecily is reaching out to John to get more information about subject, title, length, etc.


6. April 6th Vision Conference

  • The event facilitators have pointed out that this would be a great opportunity for the press to become familiar with the volunteer sector in Maine.
  • If anyone has contacts in the press that we could invite, please share them with Cecily.


7. Rescheduling recurring PIE meetings for another day

  • Due to some conflicts with the 2nd Monday of each month being the regularly scheduled time for the PIE Task Force meeting, Carol will be sending out a Doodle Poll in order to come to an agreement on a new time.
  • It will likely remain during the second week of the month, similar time, but in the middle of the week – Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.


The meeting ended at 3:42pm.