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Communications Task Force

March 13, 2019


Present: Jenni Tilton-Flood, Jamie Logan, Doug Horner, Maryalice Crofton, John Portela,           David Burns, Maria Staples

 The task force work session was conducted by teleconference. 

Public Policy related

-- John update on setting meetings with Members of Congress and National Service Programs in Maine

John has reached out to all four legislative offices., He has had a conversation with Senator King’s staff (who has just completed his treatment course this past week for cancer) and no contact from Rep. Pingree’s office. (Jenni will connect him with one of Rep. Pingree’s in state staff in case that might be of assistance). The target is still the April recess, but if necessary a later recess will be utilized.

-- Awareness and thoughts on usefulness of proposed National Service Choice Act (see attachment)

The bill does not yet have sponsor and may not be put forward until next session. The organizers are Service Year who see it as a way to start broadening choices beyond AmeriCorps. A number of the Service Year leaders are people who helped create CNCS but have become concerned about the burden associated with AmeriCorps. Key things to note:

  • State Service responsibilities would have to be integrated into long range planning
  • Programming would require an entity to run the program
  • The path of appropriation is unclear

Public Education/Awareness

-- Report on National Service Day at Capitol (Augusta)

Many of the programs said that they experienced the highest level of interaction with legislators at this Service Day than from any in recent memory

-- Proposal for professional assistance with branding goal (see attached)

The proposal from Pulse was submitted after lengthy conversations with Maryalice regarding scope and intent and goals. With regards to the budget: salary savings from admin vacancy can be utilized.

The Task Force recommends the Commission accept the proposal from Pulse Marketing

-- Developing radio/tv interview opps

Members were asked to help schedule radio and tv interviews. We need to start highlighting new initiatives and grant opportunities. Maria indicated she has some contacts and will see if she can arrange invitations.


-- TF name change to Communication?

The Task Force would request that its name be formally changed by the Commission from Public Information+Education to Communication

--  Using recruitment of new commission candidates as opportunity to add marketing skills 

There are multiple seats vacant including (2) 16-25 years old & (1) representative of Volunteer Sector. The opportunity and need to fill any of those vacancies with someone with marketing skills is present. Now would be a great time for Commission members to seek out and approach someone who might fill that need.

No new business.

Meeting ended at 1650hrs.