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Communications Task Force

March 11, 2020

Present: Chair Jenni Tilton-Flood, Bryan Roche, Julia Fiori, John Portela, Jessica Nixon, David Burns

The Communications Task Force met electronically for its monthly meeting on Wednesday, March 11, 2020. The Task Force discussed during their regularly scheduled meeting the following:

1. Legislative proposals (cont'd): The Task Force discussed the presentation created by Roche that will be proposed to the full Commission at the next scheduled meeting, March 20, 2020, to recommend pursuing the two legislative initiatives regarding in-state tuition status for AmeriCorps service members and Maine State tax exemption for Segal Education Award recipients. No changes to the presentation were suggested.

A copy of the presentation can be viewed via PDF at this link.

2. Rebrand update: Tilton Flood invited Roche to share and update on the progress of the Volunteer Maine rebrand:

The transition of printed and physical materials is 80% complete. Printed reports and brochure examples will be at the next full commission meeting. With regards to the new website, an upcoming meeting with InforME will be another step along the way to transition while also ensuing ease of use for all stakeholders. Many of the insights and suggestions from the Task Force have been integrated into the planning and changes. The next phase will be increased communication efforts on the rebrand. Bryan estimates that by March 26 the commission will be 98% brand compliant.

3. Outreach and engagement: In keeping with the Task Force's commitment to encouraging outreach and engagement of Commission members to delivering and communicating the mission and work Volunteer Maine. Bryan provided upcoming opportunities to leverage Commissioners and their talents:

  • Rolls of Honor promotion and attendance at the recognition ceremony hosted by the Portland Sea Dogs (April 21, 2020)
  • National Service Day at the Capitol (March 26, 2020)

David Burns offer to put his name to an op-ed/letter to editor in support of Commission initiatives. Roche will provide a list of topics and options for Task Force members to choose from, and a regular schedule will be established.

The next Task Force meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 8, 2020.