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Communications Task Force

May 13, 2020

Present: Chair Jenni Tilton Flood, Bryan Roche, Julia Fiori, Maria Staples, Jessica Nixon, John Portela

The Communications Task Force met electronically for its monthly meeting on Wednesday, May 13, 2020. The Task Force discussed during their regularly scheduled meeting the following:

1. Legislative Work Plan: In keeping with the direction provided from the full Commission the Task Force discussed further researching and investigating the proposed legislative actions presented at the last meeting. There were specific questions and concerns that needed to be addressed and a subcommittee from our Task Force would be best suited to accomplish this work. We looked for volunteers to assist in that and also reviewing and clarifying the questions that needed to be resolved by the subcommittee before bringing back to full Commission. Jenni and John interested in helping. Question on tax bases comparable to other states, need to be clear on comparisons. Look at revenue implications concerning economic burdens. Michael Ashmore can helpwith revenue generation info. Discussed community college inclusion.

2. Communications Plan: The Communications Plan has been publicly posted online and the Task Force discussed it briefly as it will be presented to the full Commission at the Friday full meeting. It was reviewed. Two topics were discussed: Importance with working with Serve Ohio, and COVID contingencies.

3. Messaging Map: The Volunteer Maine messaging map will be a visual document that guides our core messaging and helps the Commission better understand the overall messaging focus. Our core messaging will communicate the areas mentioned in the official Volunteer Maine identity statement (attached), and as stated in the proposed Communication Plan (linked above and attached). This task is also one that could be accomplished by a subcommittee. Discussed that approach and shall enlist Julia, Jessica, and Bryan as volunteers.

4. Bryan's Report: Bryan updated us as to the work and momentum of outreach and communications this past month. The April Communications Report is publicly posted here. The following are items discussed:

  • Recognition for Maria Staples, who set up the interview with Carol Christopolous, Penquis Foster Grandparent who reads to a class at Fawell School in Lewiston. To keep reading, she learned Zoom. Her efforts caught the attention of Senior Corps Director Debora Cox Raush and the Senior Corps office in D.C. Cox Raush personally reached out to Carol. The interview has gained the attention of DOE and Americas Service Commissions.
  • Social media: Roche reports a strong month (details in published report), and shared a takeaway with the group: Good stories get our name out there and show, not tell, what we do. Stories can help communicate our goals.
  • Roche shares that Q1 PSA airtime numbers are in, and he will report to the task force in the next meeting.
  • WABI, Press Herald, Kennebec Journal, BDN published info on the Roll of Honor program
  • Website: Roche reconnected with InforME – structure produced and next steps are ongoing.
  • Intern: Roche announces that Nathan McIvor begins June 1. He is UMaine Farmington English major. Roche also mentions that he possesses a background in web development, journalism, and graphic design Web background
  • Roche updates on plans and progress for May 26 virtual recruitment online fair. (ADDENDUM 5/31/20: Virtual Recruitment Fair moved to Thursday, June 4 at 2 p.m.)

The next Task Force meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 10, 2020. (ADDENDUM 6/9/20: Due to scheduling conflicts, the next Task Force meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 17, 2020.)