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retired-Excellence and Expertise Task Force

February 1, 2017

Regular Meeting

Commissioners Present: Elizabeth Hite, Nicole Pellenz, Barbara Wentworth, Joe Young

Other members:

Absent: Janice Daku, Meaghan Arzberger, Lisa Laflin, Robert Liscord

Staff: Michael Ashmore




SE model for Maine: Review and input on Overview document(s) - to be posted

  • BW provided the group with a brief introduction to the purpose and revisited the past work done in the prior year by E & E. The purpose is to develop a single page explanation of Service Enterprise that is informational rather than solely focused on marketing.  Additionally the group reviewed elements of the responsibilities of MCCS and the so-called Service Enterprise Affiliates as described in a draft MOU document.
  • MA provided an explanation of the graphics supplied for discussion; an older version and a newer flow chart design. The group suggested a variety of graphic changes and suggestions. All felt that the flow chart design was easier to grasp overall but felt that it need to be incorporated directly with the text rather than be a separate graphic.  Additional suggestions included keeping arrow design uniform and limiting the number of Affiliate representations to make the design “cleaner”
  • Members of the group asked clarifying questions about any limitations of the size of organizations that might be involved and what their level of commitment is as this influences the likelihood of reaching certification

Contents of outreach brochure/materials

  • RL did not attend but communicated that he was willing to draft a brochure document that would outline the various levels of training the Commission offers as a continuum of effort

VGF - upcoming application - working group

Currently funded summaries with Service Enterprise component

  • A subcommittee was formed to review the supplied executive summaries of past VGF funded grants that focused on Service Enterprise. NP, MA and LH agreed to look over the documents and bring input to the next meeting