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retired-Excellence and Expertise Task Force

March 7, 2018

Commissioners Present:   Elizabeth Hite, Nicole Pellenz, Joe Young

Absent:   Janice Daku, Nichole Ernest, Melik Khoury, Lisa Laflin, Coleman Lapointe

Staff: Michael Ashmore




April 6th Strategic planning

  • MA reminded members that their presence at the strategic planning event at Colby College on April 6th is critical, especially to inform the discussions there of the need for the types of baseline data discussed in the February E & E meeting. E & E members were remined to register. A registration link was provided.

Data Analysis Opportunities

  • The group discussed a variety of potential data analysis opportunities that are available to inform the work of the Commission that are not fully utilized – primarily due to capacity of staff to aggregate and analyze data.  These include data pools like the AC member exit survey data, the data from Blaine House Conference evaluations, the data underpinning current and past Annual reports, Data from CMV course participants, including pre-post scoring data.
  • The group was asked if they wanted to identify potential priority data sets and what information might be useful to E & E as it pursues its charge to improve training and technology.  Members identified some key barriers to making this type of decision; chief among them, the lack of knowledge about what might be learned from the data collections.  JY noted that, without seeing the results, it is difficult to identify what might be most beneficial.  NP noted that in being strategic it might be best not to dwell on the past too much, but rather to decide what measures would be most useful going forward.  She stated that measures are only as good as the strategies for using the information collected.  LH & JY both identified the value of reviewing the results following funding by the Commission, especially whether organizations have been successful and been able to sustain effort after the end of MCCS support.
  • JY noted that a comprehensive list of what data might be accessed would be a start.  NP noted that we might easily get lost in the data.  JY identified the 9 initiatives on the Commission website and asked if the data addresses how well we are doing on these initiatives. Does if offer a window into what was done?  He also asked whether we have data to indicate whether the initiatives align with the current trends in the volunteer community; are we addressing the trends.  MA asked if he was referring to national or local trends?  Group felt that part of the Commission’s role is to lead trends in the volunteer sphere not just reflect them.

VGF Application scoring and approval schedule

  • MA shared the schedule for scoring of VGF applications and asked members to participate.  Members noted that a Doodle poll that had been sent out was not functioning properly.  LH noted that she cannot participate as CNCS sees it as a conflict fo interest, but asked if she could be an observer of the process.
  • Group tentatively scheduled a time for the consensus call following the review.

Training Updates

  • Member Conference – MA provided updates on the upcoming member conference at the end of March
  • Regional National Service Training; May 22nd -23rd.  MA shared progress on the regional conference planning including promises of participation from CNCS leadership.  AC Director Spellman has indicated his willingness to speak and also indicated that he has heard from SC Director, Cox Roush that she is also willing to participate.  120 staff from across New England have indicated a preference to attend.

PIE updates

  • National Service Day in the Hall of Flags, 2-27, was very successful.  Many legislators and other individuals met with program representatives during the event.

Items from last meeting

  • MA noted that he was supposed to have a new draft of the Service Enterprise Trainer MOU for this meeting but was not able to complete it.  Review was tabled to April meeting.