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Executive Committee

January 7, 2011

Grants update: Gary reported that all the reviews will be ready for the Commission meeting. He noted there were no applicants for the AmerCorps State Competitive process.

Public Information and Education update: Andrew noted the MLK mini-grant process was completed and awards announced. The task force is working on Governor’s Service Awards. He also volunteered to be the MCCS representative on the Association of State Commission’s public policy committee.

Hiring for staff vacancy: Applications closed on January 6. It’s unclear what the process will be for regaining  permission to fill the vacancy. If things move along a hiring committee is needed. Mary-Anne has volunteered to serve. Phil also volunteered.

VolunteerMaine Partnership: The commission needs a small group to discuss the future of the partnership, our role, and what are challenges or opportunities given past and future. The ad hoc committee’s thoughts would be the basis for a larger discussion with partners. Executive Committee members recommended placing the item on the agenda for January 21 and recruiting members to join Exec Committee in the conversation.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 am.