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Executive Committee

March 4, 2011

Meeting with Rep. Moulton (LaMarre)
Representative Moulton contacted Mary-Anne and asked for a meeting. She felt it went quite well and the concerns underlying sections in LD 681 were addressed. It is expected he will amend the bill before hearing to remove all but the issue of MCCS transfer to Secretary of State.

During the meeting, Rep. Moulton indicated he was open to another option that was mentioned for MCCS operation. He needs to know our preference by March 8 so this item can't wait for the full board meeting.

Executive Committee discussed the pros and cons of both -- stand alone operation like ME Arts Commission or ME Human Rights Commission; or being part of the Secretary of State's operation. There isn't another agency that has a mission which would mesh well with MCCS. The commissions in other states that have been attached to line agencies (departments) have struggled and not been successful in working across all the segments of the volunteer sector.

Fiscal support is the weightiest criteria. MCCS would have to add a business manager to replace functions handled by State Planning if we went independent. Adding head count would be nearly impossible right now. The indirect rate might be lower as an independent agency but would be offset by having to take on all the functions now shared.

Secretary of State has a mission that comes close to that of MCCS -- encouraging active citizenship, civic engagement, and fulfilling civic duties. They do receive and grant out federal dollars, have a business manager, and other shared functions that would make operations efficient.

After further discussion, the Executive Committee members opted to stay with transfer to Secretary of State. Maryalice will convey that to Representative Moulton.

Professional Development Fund Policy Update (Matlins)
Excellence and Expertise has reviewed an update of the 1999 Commission policy on how professional development support is awarded to grantee staff. With the addition of Learn & Serve as well as Volunteer Generation Fund, the policy and its reference only to AmeriCorps as well as Senior Corps is outdated. In order for funds to be distributed in a timely manner, Excellence and Expertise is asking Executive to authorize use of the updated policy and procedure. The call for applications needs to go out March 8 in order to have 30 days before the submission deadline.

Executive Committee members authorized use of the updated policy and procedure.

Task Force Updates
Excellence and Expertise has changed its regular meeting date to 9am on the third Fridays of the month (before the regular board meeting). The task force only has two members and needs additional assistance.

Board Development has set its meetings for the second Fridays of the month at 9am by teleconference.

Public Information and Education is balancing the education related to national funding concerns and organizing the Governor's Service Awards. There is no major sponsor yet. Mary-Anne noted she will meet with a potential sponsor next week and asked Andrew to discuss with the committee the recognition options still available. (Any promised to someone else?)

Next board meeting agenda
The known issues will all fit into task force reports. The usual format should work fine.

Meeting adjourned 9:25 am.