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Executive Committee

May 13, 2011

(Originally posted June 1, 2011)

Location: Teleconference

In Attendance: Gary Dorman, Mary-Anne LaMarre, Eileen Smart, Andrew McLean, Maryalice Crofton

The meeting began with discussion of Part WWW of the budget change package. It is not clear whether it would impact MCCS.

A hiring freeze exemption has been given for the MCCS training position. Unfortunately, the applicants from January 2011 cannot be accessed under Bureau of Human Resources rules. The position is being re-advertised. This one is not a direct hire which is a new situation for MCCS. We will be sent a list of qualified candidates to interview. The applications close May 20.

There was a short update from Grants. The federal agency has changed its mind about establishing a November deadline for submission of competitive AmeriCorps grants. This gives Grants a bit more time for preparation and processing. As reported earlier, there were no applicants for the second round of Volunteer Generation Funds so there are no new recommended awards to handle.

Public Policy is active on the national level. There are "Dear Colleague" letters circulating in the Senate and House requesting support of all National Service funding. PIE and others will do the outreach in-state to secure Maine participation.

Board Development gave an overview of recruitment activity. There are lots of recommendations that need follow up from Board members. So far, no board members have submitted additional names. Government representation is a slot with no suggestions. Same thing for health sector. Business has a great set of options. There are seven open seats total.

Two of three people pending re-appointment have submitted the new paperwork required by the Governor's Boards and Commissions Office. Mary-Anne will follow up with the person whose docs are missing. Everyone is being held for a single posting and appointment process.

For the retreat, the sense of the group is that it should be less business focused and more team building so members are well connected with each other. A location and facilitator will be contacted this week to check availability.

Gary Dorman informed the group he is definitely not going to seek re-appointment. His new job means wearing three hats and he is spread as thinly as he can manage.

News from CNCS about an acting-CEO has not come through. There are calls with staff this week but no hints about what will happen next.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 am.