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Executive Committee

July 1, 2011

Present: Joel Russ, Joan McDonald, Eileen Smart, Maryalice Crofton, Andrew McLean, Mary-Anne LaMarre

Youth Candidate for Commission: The application from Lindsey Oliver was presented. She is a resident of Sidney, attending Husson University, and has been involved in a number of volunteer activities. After a brief discussion, the decision was unanimous to forward her name for consideration by the Governor.

Remaining Vacancies: Outreach to potential candidates is ongoing but no additional recruits.

Overview of Public Relations plan under development by PIE: Andrew reported the task force members had been asked for input and suggestions but no draft of the plan has circulated. Rochelle’s last day is July 15.

Discussion of task force assignments: Joan agreed to step into the role of Grants Task Force chair. All new commission members will be asked to serve on Grants as peer reviewers this winter. Susan Hammond and Joan are the sole remaining members.

Feedback from Commission meetings: There is a recurring theme in some comments on the end-of-meeting feedback forms. It indicates a desire for more background discussion and decision-making at board meetings. Executive Committee members decided an explanation of expectations for board meetings might help. Discussion of issue and formation of recommendations are supposed to occur in task force meetings. The recommendations with explanations come to the full board for action. Board members ask for clarification or additional information during discussion after motion is made. Task force minutes should include enough detail to help members understand the recommendation presented. The next board meeting is September. The chair will look for an appropriate way to bring this into the agenda.

Officer vacancy:  Drew Matlins has agreed to move into the Chair-elect position. This is in keeping with the leadership succession (vice-chair to chair-elect to chair of Commission). Ron Holmes has agreed to serve as vice-chair if agreeable to the full board in September.

Commission staffing: The search for Planning and Research Associate is progressing. Someone should be on staff by middle of the month.

Budget Part FF: The final language of the budget as passed was distributed. The first meeting of the committee that will plan for the break up of State Planning is expected mid-July. Exec Committee members discussed the options. 

Meeting adjourned at 9:15am